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Iowa City's Premium Residential and Commercial Properties.

When you buy or lease from the Moengroup, you are buying a piece of history.

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About Us

Our Story

Moengroup is a locally owned and operated family business in Iowa City since 1985. It began with the purchase and restoration of the first brick house in Iowa City (2 blocks from the Central Business District) which was on the verge of being demolished. Much of the work was done by the Moen family at night after their normal day jobs. They repeated this several times with houses, duplexes and triplexes near downtown Iowa City. Their goal was to provide quality housing by rehabilitating historic properties that had not been maintained. In 1988 they had the opportunity to purchase a major mixed-use historic building in downtown Iowa City which they renovated. Moengroup continues to purchase and renovate historic downtown properties.

Our Featured Properties

Providing premium quality residential and commercial properties since 1988!

Experience that matters to your business


Everything you need close by

Located in the heart of downtown Iowa City, our properties give you exclusive access to everything Iowa City has to offer and the convenience of premium shopping, dining, and entertainment right outside your door.

We buy and restore old historic buildings in the downtown area, renovating them and bringing them back to life, so when you buy from us, you are buying a part of history.


Enjoy access to premium amenities

Our properties are not just a premium location, they are award winning architectural masterpieces, built for luxury and functionality. Not only do our properties give you access to award winning restaurants, and dining experiences.  Our properties give you exclusive views of the downtown area from our amazing and spacious patios, or one of our 6,000 sq ft terraces. 

We take premium and extravagance to another level, providing bowling and movie theaters in some of our buildings, locally owned coffee shops to energize you after a late night, or an early morning workout at one of the many gyms located nearby.


Safe, Secure, and Modern Security

The Moengroup takes safety and security seriously. That’s why all our properties have state-of-the-art security systems and protocols in place. From staffed front desks, unique individual coded entries, and even security cameras. You can rest assured that your safety is our top priority.